I know this sales approach isn't found in the "How to Sell 101" books, but as a fellow live aboard cruiser myself and owner of the Company, I get to ignore the sales pitches and do things how I want!

efore we start talking about optional features for your Cruise RO Water Maker, I want to make something perfectly clear:
You Don't Need any of these optional items or features to have a perfectly working water maker!  These optional Items and features are all for convenience and ease of operation and maintenance.  All of our water makers come standard right out of the box with no needed up-sale gimmicks or must have options. 

For example, while I personally love the "set it and forget about it" nature of water maker maintenance that the Automatic Fresh Water Flush Option provides, I used the standard manual fresh water flush system for years and was perfectly happy.  It wasn't until I was able to sneak an Automatic Fresh Water Flush unit off the shelf without my business partner knowing that I made the upgrade!  Hey I'm too cheap to buy it myself, but once I installed it on our boat...Wow...not having to remember or worry about the water maker manual fresh water flushing is sure nice.  Again, not necessary, but the older I get I'm finding that I'm more willing to pay a little bit extra for convenience and no blush about admitting it!

  Following is the list of Optional Items and Features that you can add to your water maker along with some details about the features:  how they work, why you would want them (or not) and our general design philosophy.  All of these features can be added at the time of water maker purchase or at any time in the future as a simple plug and play addition.

Automatic Fresh Water Flushing Option: Price $595
All water makers need to be fresh water flushed both after each use and then at an interval of about 5 days when not in use.  Or rather than fresh water flushing every 5 days, you can pull pickling preservative into the water maker and leave it unused for 6 months at a time.  All Cruise RO Water Makers come standard with a manual fresh water flushing system, which involved turning a 3-way valve and manually turning on the boost pump for 3-4 minutes.  This process pulls fresh water out of your ships water tank (or more commonly from your ships pressurized water line) and through an activated carbon filter to remove any dock water chlorine before pushing the fresh water through the water maker. The fresh water simply displaces the volume of sea water or stagnant water inside the water maker to complete the fresh water flush.   The water maker is not harmed by sitting in the sea water, but what happens when a water maker is left unused is that the bacteria and animals that live in the sea water multiply and grow out of control using up all of the oxygen in the water and then die.  The anaerobic bacteria then start eating the dead bodies and give off the familiar "rotten egg" smell of hydrogen sulfide gas.  This process is hard on the RO Membranes and can dramatically shorten their life. 

The Automatic Fresh Water Flush Option simply plugs into the standard manual fresh water flushing system and adds a solid state timer to open a fresh water flushing solenoid while at the same time turning on the 12v boost pump.  The timer is easily set for both frequency and duration of the fresh water flush.  Our recommended standard is once every 5 days for 3 minutes.  So once you set the water maker up in Automatic Fresh Water Flushing mode, as long as you have fresh water in your ships tank, the water maker will maintain itself!  No more remembering to manually fresh water flush when in a marina or nasty anchorage where you don't want to make water.  No more pickling the water maker when leaving the boat. 
Less water maker maintenance time means more time to work on and repair other boat systems.
Hey remember I'm a cruiser myself, I know what it's really like out there!

If you would like me to email you a PDF Copy of the Automatic Fresh Water Flushing Manual,
just send me an email and I will be happy to send it to you.

This photo below shows the Automatic Fresh Water Flushing Option:
Control Box and Solenoid with plumbing

This photo below shows a close-up view of programmable timer on the right
and the breaker and power plug-ins on the right.


Remote Valving and Cleaning Panel: Price $350
The water makers come standard with two 3-way valves mounted on the Activated Carbon Filter. 
These two control valves are on the suction side of the boost pump, so based on their position let the boost pump pull in either:
1) Sea Water 2) Fresh Water for a Flush or 3) Pickling Solution.
Depending on where you mount the Activated Carbon Filter, these two valves could be more of less accessible.  If your mounting location is not convenient to access, then you have two choices:
1) Remove the two 3-way valves from the Activated Carbon filter and mount them remotely yourself OR
2) Purchase the Optional Valving and Cleaning Panel
The Panel is made to match the standard remote panel and replaces the two 3-way valves mounted on the Activated Carbon filter with two panel mount valves.  Now the controls can be mounted in an easily accessible location.  Now one important note is that the boost pump is sucking in sea water through these valves, so you do have to limit the length of inlet plumbing line from the through hull - to these valves - to the boost pump inlet to 15ft max.  If not, your boost pump will not be able to supply the Hp pump with enough flow of sea water. 


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